Two Bit Classics at Work

Our Production of Pride and Prejudice - in pictures and audience comments

 (Photo by Carrie Johnson)
 (photo by Carrie Johnson)

(photo by Sylwia Dylewska)

(photo by Sylwia Dylewska)

A selection of Audience comments:

"Stunning, tender, hilarious performanced of Pride and Prejudice last night"

"Loved the wit and talent of Two Bit Classics take on Pride and Prejudice. A masterfully eloquent show of creative genius"

"Pride and Prejudice as you've never seen it before. Absolutely brilliant."

"We have never seen anything so well acted, so funny and so brilliant.  The way you changed from one character to another so seamlessly was flawless.  Many congratulations on such a fabulous performance.  We hope to see you perform again soon and wish you all the best for the future." 
"Thank you or letting us have a peek at your production.  It was funny, well acted and thoroughly enjoyable.  For the first time in 25 years of marriage my husband has voluntarily requested that we attend a Jane Austen play, as he wants to see the full play.  You have performed a miracle.  Thank you!"

"If you get the chance to see @TwoBitClassics perform Pride & Prejudice w/ just 2 actors at a venue near you, go.  I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Just home from seeing you at the Arts Centre in Stamford - stunning! So amusing and refreshing, thank you." 
"My 14 year old daughterand I came to see your show at Musselburgh on Wednesday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show...thanks so much for creating such an inventive and lively interpretation of the novel.  We loved your staying true the original; and also the humour and clever was so clear and easy to follow, even novice watchers would have kept up. Brilliant idea"
"Brilliant translation, Outstanding Acting, Character switches astonishing" 

"It was so complex and yet simple.  Each and every character was wonderfully defined! Just fabulous!"
"Just wanted to let you know what an enjoyable evening my family had tonight watching Pride & Prejudice at Hull Truck Theatre. I came to watch the shown with my partner, my 9 year old, and my 10 year old and was dubious beforehand as to whether the kids would get much from the show due to their age and because we're not a theatre-going family nor into our 'classics'. I'm so pleased that despite the children being quite young, they both seemed to have got a lot out of your show. I think the way the 2 actors were able to play all the characters was very cleverly done. By using only 2 actors, it required the audience to use their imagination rather than passively watch  the play. Both children commented how they could recognise all the characters by the way they were acted out so I think you were very skilful in how you changed between the characters.  Hopefully the performance has left a lasting, positive impression of a classic tale on the children. Thanks again for an enjoyable evening and great entertainment. I'll keep a look out for future 2-actor classic tales if you perform in this region again.."

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